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Lisa, First Time Buyer

"Working with Tony was a great experience. I was a first time buyer and completely clueless about buying a house. He showed me tons of places before I found this great home. I really liked the fact that I didn’t feel pressured. Tony ended up negotiating a great deal for my place. I was happy to introduce him to my Cousin when he was making a move too."

- Lisa, Ajax

Matt and Kristina, 4 children

"Well, my husband and I were renting and needed more space with a baby on the way. I met Tony from an online rental ad. Tony explained that we had the option to buy instead of renting because in this town, it would cost the same or less per month to own a home. He ended up finding us the cutest house that was just renovated. We’re actually Home Owners! I love my kitchen with the granite counters! Thanks Tony!"

- Matthew and Christina, Oshawa

Dan & Trudy, "Empty Nesters"

Tony sold our home for almost 2 million dollars!  Then, a few years later, he helped us get our dream home!  We are thrilled with the place!