Just like most people, I wanted to make "some real money" with Real Estate. The idea that you could invest and be able to live in your investment or rent it out and the flexibility that brings. 

Wow, I was hooked. 

The GTA market was strong so it seemed safe too -always hunting for the best deal.   Problem though, I thought I was too young and too inexperienced to invest.  I was too this and too that.. I had so many excuses.. I felt frustrated, like I didn't have a plan. That's when you could say i snapped.  A storm of questions being asked and then answered sequentially flooded out of me only to reveal 

This was good versus evil for me. 

I made a decision to plan and execute everything I needed to accomplish. 

It's complicated but.. "suffice it to say", It works "like a charm". I've been selling Real Estate full time for well over 10 years and "taking names" using unparalleled marketing with consistent execution.  I am well equipped to help you become "Set for Life" and truly Love Your Home and that really is what makes me happy.

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